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10 Environmentally Friendly EcoHomes

By on May 28, 2014
EcoHomes collage

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes are becoming more and more popular. This collection of 10 stunning property’s prove that you can have a highly stylish EcoHome!







10) The builder of this house really went back to basics and its charming appeal is a nice contrast to the more modern approach of ‘green architecture’


9) This treetop house with an ultra-light footprint is a stunning example of how great design can create sustainable but stylish living.


8) The outside is brought in with this house, with its interior courtyard, rooftop vegetable garden and living vegetation covering three sides of it that is fed with rainwater and recycled domestic water.


7) The giant arch is covered in wild grasses and flowers which provide a layer of natural insulation, whilst the large south-facing windows harness the sunlight to heat and illuminate this striking design.


6) The builders of this house have proved that you don’t need expensive gadgets to lower your environmental impact, just quality materials, the right orientation and good insulation.


5) Ventilation through heat recovery means that the air in this house is recycled every two hours without even having to open a window.


4) Ideally suited to the hot, wet climate of South East Asia, this tower brings some welcome respite for its residents with its natural shade and ventilation.


3) Well-insulated walls and a south-facing orientation mean that the house stays warm and bright for as long as possible, cutting down on heating and electricity bills.


2) A rainwater harvester and triple glazing ensure that this house has a minimal impact on the environment and its underfloor heating is the most efficient way of warming as many rooms as possible


1) Using a computer-controlled system to monitor the interior temperature and open and close windows accordingly is a fantastic example of how technology can help improve energy efficiency without compromising on comfort and usability


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