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Category Archives: Property News


The Help-to-Buy Scheme So Far

  Posted on September 8 By  Aaron Bell

‘Bad Taste Audit’ reveals the top ten decorative property turn-offs

  Posted on April 3 By  Sam Corry
Top Ten Tips for successful decluttering

The Truth About Clutter: Top Ten Tips to Declutter

  Posted on January 12 By  Sam Corry
Smiling Family Sitting On Couch

The Pros and Cons of Living With Your Folks

More and more families are choosing to pool their resources and live under one roof in a bid to save money as well as upgrading their property to one that would otherwise be out of reach.

  Posted on June 17 By  Corinne Sugar

Celebrity Spotting in London

When the cultural injections get too much and you find yourself craving a little non-cerebral guilty pleasure in the nation’s capital then celebrity spotting is the perfect pastime.

  Posted on June 17 By  Corinne Sugar

Interior Design Trends for Spring 2013

Just as with fashion, when the seasons start to switch from winter to spring, the interior design world introduces a new series of looks just in time to get you hot under the collar for the summer change.

  Posted on June 12 By  Corinne Sugar

How To Improve The Value Of Your House

Improving the value of your home needn’t cost you a fortune – here are a few tricks that might help...

  Posted on June 12 By  Corinne Sugar
Aberavon Beach South Wales

The Welsh Gold Coast Glitters With Stars

There's a host of famous celebrities associated with the wild and rugged South Wales coast. We asked expert property writer Fred Redwood to go on a house-hunting tour to see what attracts these stars to the area.

  Posted on May 15 By  admin

Help to Buy for First Time Buyers

The Help to Buy scheme, one of the keystone policies of the 2013 Budget, promises a number of measures relevant to first-time buyers.

  Posted on May 1 By  Corinne Sugar

Top Innovative Kitchen Products

Many of us are leading increasingly busy lives as we balance jobs with everyday tasks and leisure time, with kitchen activities often losing out. Here are some innovative kitchen gadgets that you may want on your worktops.

  Posted on April 23 By  Corinne Sugar