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Decorating your Home for Halloween!

By on October 28, 2014

It is that time of year again, the time we all cover our houses with scaryish decorations made to terrify the local kids. Although some choose not to get into the spirit of it all, many go the extra mile to turn their home into the most haunted house on the street. For those looking to decorate for the scary season, we have put together a few ideas you can use to tastefully prepare for the trick or treaters.



Instead of carving out a spooky face into your pumpkin this Halloween, why not try turning it into something a bit more out of the ordinary. For example you could arrange lots of smaller pumpkins in place of a large one!


By using some simply cardboard cut outs, you can turn your front garden into a spooky grave yard!


Why not hang some DIY bats around inside. With the right lighting it can look like a real bat cave!


As we all know, ghosts are the perfect decoration at Halloween. Use cheesecloth and hang them on the washing line to make it appear as if they are really floating!


Some people have created silhouettes for their windows, turning their house into a Jack O Lantern!


You can also use cheesecloth to make authentic looking spider webs.


Use glowsticks! You can purchase glow sticks from most supermarkets and can be used for various decorations such as glowing balloons, and  evil glowing eyes.


Don’t just use pumpkins for scary faces. You can use flower pots, balloons and even empty bottles!


No Halloween themed house is complete without a skeleton! Put one in the garden so the trick or treaters know what happens to those who try and make a trick.

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Candles are a great way to give eerie lighting effect, put them around your decorations in the garden.


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