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Expensive cars boost property prices

By on August 21, 2014

According to a recent survey by car rental company Avis, having a posh car can increase the price of your house.

Up to a third of all people believe that having a new car on the drive way can increase the value of your home, according to the latest research carried out by car company, Avis. The survey consisted of 2000 people, 35% of which said that an expensive car on the drive way can contribute as much as £6,000 towards the value of the property.

This may sound like clever marketing scheme for a car rental company, however more than 1 in 10 British people admit that they have considered renting a car with the sole purpose of displaying it outside their house prior to a sale. 6% of people even admitted to doing so at some point in the past.

The majority of people that took part in the survey said that they would take a second look at a luxury car when outside a house they are viewing. First impressions are never more important especially when it comes to viewings, so having the latest Mercedes on the drive will put your property in a better light compared to a rusty banger. Having a top end vehicle gives the impression that the area is safe and wealthy making it more desirable for the potential customer.

According to the survey carried out by Avis, the best car to have parked outside is a Mercedes Benz. Followed closely by convertibles, Audi’s and BMW’s the information essentially shows that if you have the latest drop-top Merc, your house is more marketable.

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