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Fabulous home gyms

By on March 5, 2013

Do you ever gaze at celebs’ toned thighs and perfect abs and know that if you had the time and the money to spend on your body you could look exactly like that too? Well, here’s the thing, you don’t necessarily need a celebrity personal trainer to get you motivated and the sunny expanse of Venice Beach to train in (although lets face it, that would be nice), as many of the body beautiful you see strutting down the red carpet have achieved all that toned flesh in the comfort of their own homes.

The home gym has much going for it – most of all that it’s there, in your own home, steps away from the bedroom, kitchen, or lounge. This means that there’s very little excuse for not showing up for your gym sessions, rain or shine. Plus you can tailor your home gym to the exercise that you like to do, whether that’s pounding the treadmill, getting Zen with some yoga, or spending hours watching your flexing muscles as you make your way through racks of weights. Think about it, if expense wasn’t a factor what would you have in your home gym? How about these for some inspiration…

Mark Wahlberg is certainly not short of an ab or two and if you’ve ever wondered how he achieved the kind of buffed physique that got him straddled by Kate Moss in the Calvin Klein adverts then this is it: a professional two storey gym, complete with its own boxing ring where he trained himself into shape for The Fighter – note the plethora of weights, cardio machines on the mezzanine and that boxing ring over in the left hand corner. It is this extra attention to detail that makes it stand out, even when compared to other fabulous home gyms.


A rather more serene interpretation of the home gym brief from actor Dennis Quaid who has kitted his exercise space out with lovely hardwood floors, big windows and lots (and lots) of mirrors. This is a much more relaxed idea of a home gym with the massage table, a few cardio machines and a wall mounted TV speaking of more low key exercise sessions, rather than the shirt ripping, head punching testosterone at Marky Mark’s.


Finally, there’s the home exercise space of Kate Walsh of Grey’s Anatomy fame, which is a shrine to all things pilates. Believe it or not this is a converted garage, which has been made inviting thanks to being filled with plenty of light, as well as all those slightly scary looking pilates racks…


So, now you’re feeling inspired, what exactly would you put in this new fitness space if it was your own? When you’re creating your own home gym then the sky’s the limit – from indoor basketball courts, to climbing walls, a home gym complete with chandeliers, a sauna, picture windows, or even an ice bath, the only real limit is your imagination…oh, and the technology available of course.

For those who are into weights…the Life Fitness G7 cable motion Gym with bench is one of the most exciting home gym additions for 2013, with its dual weight stacks that will ensure you don’t end up looking like a cartoon character with unsightly bulging muscles. Not only does this machine have 60 exercise options, but it also comes complete with an explanatory DVD to make sure that every bit of you feels the benefit.


If you’re more of a cardio bunny…than a weights addict then the Matrix A7xe Ascent uses all the latest technology to make sure that you get the highest impact workout in the most comfortable conditions. This sleek looking climber is compatible with the Nike+ iPod app, so you can keep track of exactly how much good you’re doing, and is fully equipped with fans to keep you cool, and music and DVD facilities to keep you entertained, even on the highest of ascents.


And finally, don’t forget the little things…gadgets like the Fitbit One pedometer, for example, can help you be much more accurate with your calorie burning and training; kit like the Denon AH-W150 Earphones mean you can enjoy a workout without getting caught in the wires; and then there’s the Nike+ Fuelband, possibly the ultimate way to make yourself motivated by having your gym and exercise successes and failures flashing up on a futuristic looking bracelet on your wrist. These gadgets and gizmos might not seem as important to a home gym as the machines or the mirrors, but these little extras can make all the difference.

If all this talk of weights and cardio has inspired you to track down your own home gym then we have plenty of options – take a look at the properties with home gyms on offer on our website and get your dream home-home gym combo today.



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