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Finding The Right Property

By on August 28, 2013
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Here at we realise how exciting the whole moving process is for house hunters. Yes it can be quite stressful packing your life away into boxes, but when you finally get to your house and open them up, its a great feeling. Look at the view! Look at the size of the kitchen! The perfect home that you’ve been dreaming of has arrived at last!

This is what gets us up in the morning, and it’s exciting, but let’s be realistic, it’s not easy finding that perfect place for you and your family without some prior planning. There are three hard contributing factors that can make and break your dream move – finding the right property, the right price and the right location.

More often than not you’re going to have to make concessions on one or more of these fronts. The fewer concessions you have to make the better, but you should be prepared to have some room to manoeuvre in order to land yourself a property or else you could find yourself staying put for much longer than you anticipated.

The Right Property

You’ll have an idea about what kind of property you want, how many bedrooms, bathroom, reception rooms etc. This might be set in stone or you might have a different number of variables when concerning this decision, be prepared to exercise your wiggle room rights based on the price and location of this property.

You’re going to know whether or not the place is right for you the moment you step through the door. The way the property makes you feel is very important. This may sound a little strange, but it’s true. If you don’t feel happy or comfortable in the surrounding walls of your potential new home then you have to ask yourself ‘will I ever feel at home here?’ But remember that you will also be able to change many aspects of the property so don’t judge it by the current owners taste in décor!

Home means many different things to a lot of different people, getting your own definition right is an important part of finding your perfect property.

The Right Price

This is where your negotiating skills are really going to come in handy. Budgeting the price of your move is key to getting this right. You need to budget how much you want to spend on your relocation and how much you can afford to spend. Whether the difference between these two figures is £50 or £500, it’s important not give too much of the game away when talking to a potential seller. Keep your cards close to your chest when negotiating the price of a property and see how much wiggle room they have to play with to bring the price down a bit.

The Right Location

This is arguably the big player when it comes to these three talking points so let’s take a popular location for example. There’s no point in living in the centre of a big city if you don’t have the budget to do so. By the same token, it’s more likely than not that if you don’t have the budget, you’re not going to find the right property in the centre of town. The further you move out of the centre of a big city the bigger your options will become.

You need to be thinking about transport into the city centre if you work there, and you also need to be thinking about the types of shops and amenities that you want to live around; supermarkets, schools, pubs, clubs, parks, hospitals, police stations, that sort of thing. You also need to think about noise levels, crime rates and also the design of houses in the area. All of these factors will contribute to the price and ultimately help make your mind up for you.

There are ways to get into a great area for the right price; you just need to think about the long term. Think about where new development and regeneration in your chosen city might take place over the next decade or so. It might not look like much now but you could be sitting pretty in a desirable big city or a London property in a couple of years time after buying a property in an undesirable area on the cheap, before the area has been developed into a highly desirable one.

Getting all three of these key issues right is tough, but if you stick at your search with a good attitude and the ability to make concessions here and there, you’ll find the perfect house in no time. Good luck out there all you property explorers!

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