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The top 10 worst estate agents photos

By on August 26, 2014

If you are reading this it is safe to say that at some point you have browsed the web for properties, whether it is for your own search or for a quick look at your towns most expensive houses. Therefore you will know the pictures provided by the estate agent are the most important and most looked at aspect of the advert. So when you come across a picture of a living room that has a collection of taxidermy, you are bound to look twice and never again. So for your viewing pleasure, and thanks to Terrible Estate Agent Photos, here are the worst estate agent photos of all time.

1. It is always recommended to redecorate before the agent photographs the property. This agent clearly thought they did a fantastic job.


2. Why let an estate agent photograph the property when you can hire paranormal investigators.


3. Some people leave a welcome note for the new owners.


4. As you can see, this property comes fully furnished.


5. Show off the size of your living room by perhaps showing off your canoeing skills.


6. Apparently this property comes complete with a runway.


7.  The local authorities kindly removed the crime scene barrier for the sake of the viewing.


8. If there is one picture on this list that does not need a caption, it is this one.


9. Decorate in neutral tones and avoid strong colours and patterns. Just one piece of advice ignored by the owner.


10. Some people really do not do themselves any favours when selling their property.







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