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What’s In A Street Name? £84,000!

By on February 24, 2014

Fancy a house bargain? Find a property on Minge Lane! We commissioned expert statistician Dr Geoff Ellis to conduct a study to find out the effect of embarrassing street names on property prices.






PROPERTIES ON RUDELY-NAMED STREETS WORTH AN AVERAGE OF £84,000 LESS THAN THOSE CLOSE BY spent two months researching the effect of street names on house prices for their ‘Street Names Study’, which reveals that properties on the streets with the rudest, most embarrassing names in the country are worth an average of £84,000 less than similar properties close by. We found that embarrassing street names seriously affect the value of British homes.

60% of Brits admitted they would be put off living on a street if it had an embarrassing name. But for the 40% who aren’t so concerned about how others react to hearing their address, it seems there could be bargains to be had on roads such as Crotch Crescent, Bell End and Cumming Street!

Polling over 2,000 British adults to vote for the top 15 streets they’d be most embarrassed to live on we found that Minge Lane came top. On average you could save yourself £84,000 by living on a street with the rudest, most embarrassing names. Bargain!

Here’s the top 15

Rude Prop

Whilst living in a street with a funny or rude name might be a fun conversation starter or source of dinner party banter, it might not be so good when it comes to selling your house! However, with an embarrassing street name causing such a big difference in a property’s value, it seems there are bargains to be had for those who don’t mind a bit of innuendo!

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