Step One: Select area of interest

Enter an area of interest into the search bar. This could be a work address, a school name, or even a tube station.

Step Two: Choose journey duration

Finally, select the maximum amount of time that you want to travel to get to your area of interest. Also select the time of day that you would be travelling.

Travel time powered by

How does it work?

Are you looking for a new home near to a school, relatives or place of work? This unique tool allows you to search for a property based on how long your journey will be, not distance! We use live information to give you real life useful data to base your decision around.

At Need a Property, we are passionate about finding new and intuitive ways to help you find your ideal home. That's why we have built this brand new feature, the "Travel Time Search". Our systems collect live public transport and traffic information to calculate how far you can travel within a set time window at a particular time of day.

To get started enter a location; this could be a place of work, a school or even a tube station. You can then apply the usual property filters and refine by bedroom and budget. Next (this is the cool bit!) you select the maximum time that you want to travel to get to this location, how you plan to travel there and at what time of day. We will then return properties that you could travel from to the specified location.

This is just one of our tools on Need a Property that helps give you realistic and useful information about areas all around the country to help you make the right decision. Also have a look at our Area Guide now with comprehensive local information or our House Prices section with useful property trends.

Area Guide

You can now browse regions, counties and towns to find your perfect property. We will also tell you all you need to know about the area too!